We Share Music

We Share Music

At the Flanders Festival Ghent we take it as read that everyone has the right to cultural development. Even those who may not have the means, or who find it physically difficult to attend concerts and performances. This is why we have come up with ‘We Share Music’, a series of compelling projects in which children, disadvantaged groups, the differently abled and the elderly can experience unforgettable musical moments. These projects are only possible because of the annual contributions made by the members of our Festival Club and a few loyal partners.

Projects that are part of the We Share Music programme:

  • Festival@Home
    During Festival@Home we put on concerts in various hospitals and residential care homes for the fifth year in succession especially for those who would find it difficult to get to our concert venues themselves.
  • Festival@School
    As of October 2020, for the first time ever, we will be bringing Flanders Ghent Festival to the schools ! After all, the measures taken during the corona crisis had a major impact on the emotions and well-being of children and young people. By bringing music to them, young people who cannot come to the Flanders Ghent Festival with their class still get the opportunity to enjoy top concerts.
  • Blind Dates
    People with a visual impairment benefit from a serious discount, free assistance, transport to and from the concerts, programme booklets in braille or large print and the chance to meet kindred spirits after the performance.
  • Hear Hear
    People with a hearing impairment also enjoy exceptional services. For example, we always select a few concert evenings on which you can enjoy the performance for a reduced price and with a hearing loop.
  • UiTPAS
    The Ghent UiTPAS gives people with preferential concessions a direct and very substantial discount on the purchase of their tickets for the Festival of Flanders in Ghent. These tickets are available from the 'Tickets Gent' box office (now only accessible by phone via +32 9 225 02 02 or by mail via info@ticketsgent.be). In addition, anyone who holds an UiT-pas can save points by attending our concerts.

The Festival's Young Talent 

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic has put the dreams of many young musicians on hold. The start of their careers has been delayed and all this young talent is in danger of slipping through our fingers. We wanted to do something about this, so we launched a heartfelt appeal: anyone purchasing a ticket for one of our concerts could additionally donate to support young talent. This initiative has been hugely successful, and the results were translated into a new project entitled HORIZON. In collaboration with the various Belgian conservatoires, HORIZON is giving a major boost to eight recent Belgian music graduates.We are offering them a professional springboard in the form of a promotional film, a portfolio, an online concert and a live concert during Flanders Festival Ghent 2021!

Of course, we want to develop this project in 2022 as well. If you want to support our young talents, please join our Friends Group


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