We share music

At the Flanders Festival Ghent we take it as read that everyone has the right to cultural development. Even those who may not have the means, or who find it physically difficult to attend concerts and performances. This is why we have come up with ‘We Share Music’, a series of compelling projects in which children, disadvantaged groups, the differently abled and the elderly can experience unforgettable musical moments. These projects are only possible because of the annual contributions made by the members of our Festival Club and a few loyal partners.

Projects that are part of the We Share Music programme:

  • Festival@Home
    During Festival@Home weeks, from 6–15 March 2020, we shall be putting on concerts in various hospitals and residential care homes for the fourth year in succession specially for those who would find it difficult to get to our concert venues themselves.
  • Blind Dates
    People with a visual impediment benefit from a serious discount, free assistance, transport to and from the concerts, programme booklets in braille or large print and the chance to meet kindred spirits after the performance.
  • Studio Story
    In October 2017, the Ghent Festival launched a brand-new project for children between 9 and 12 years old: Studio Story. Isabel Geerardyn, a project worker at the Ghent Festival, puts heart and soul into guiding the young participants in this creative workshop. The children seek out their inner performer, whether it be through singing, improvising, dancing, making music or acting! There will be professional musicians present and the children also explore the dazzling city of culture that is Ghent.
  • Uitpas
    The Ghent Uitpas gives people with preferential concessions a direct and very substantial discount on the purchase of their tickets for the Festival of Flanders in Ghent. These tickets are available from the Tickets Gent office (Sint-Baafsplein 17, 9000 Ghent. Open Monday to Friday, 10–6 and Saturday 2–6). In addition, anyone who holds an Uitpas can save points by attending our concerts.


Studio Story: isabel@festival.be

Blind Dates: wesharemusic@festival.be or on 09 243 94 89

Do you have any general questions or ideas? If so, mail to wesharemusic@festival.be.