Friends of the Festival

Friends of the Festival

Flanders Festival Ghent wants to get everyone excited about classical music. However, we cannot do this alone. It is only with your help that we can spread our musical message every day. It is people like you who make the difference. People who share our love for music and on whom we can build. People we admire for their involvement, commitment and trust. In short, people who mean a lot to us and whom we consider Friends.

'Friendship is based on connection, trust, regular contact and above all: having fun.' For this reason, our FestivalClub gets a new look: meet Friends of the Festival.  

Thanks to your membership we can create heartwarming, impactful projects with our social operation WE SHARE MUSIC and this for children, people from disadvantaged groups, the elderly or people with disabilities, and we are extremely proud of that. With you as a member of our Friends Group we can go even further!

Choose the membership that suits you best
There are three types of memberships. Below you can discover the benefits at a glance.

Register your membership here

Become a member | €50 (€85 for 2 pers.)
You receive:

  • The exclusive program
  • First access to ticket sales
  • 15% discount for all concerts and events
  • Name mention on the website and in the evening programs of the concerts (if desired)
  • Our brochure in the bus
  • Free entry to a Friends activity in the form of a lecture, debate or discourse

Become a supporting member | €140 (€240 for 2 pers.)
You enjoy all of the above member benefits and on top of that you get:

  • 1 or 2 free front-row seats to the Friends' Concert with a reception

Become an honorary member | €950 (€1.750 for 2 pers.)
You enjoy all of the above supporting member benefits and on top of that you get:

  • A personalized service that guarantees you both ticket reservations and the very best seats
  • An exclusive VIP evening at OdeGand with dinner. You can experience the final spectacle from a boat or from the VIP pontoon.

For more info on our Friends Group, please contact Piet De Coensel:

09 243 94 82 or