Hush (6+)

Hush (6+)

© Marcelle Hudon

Purcell’s dream world for the whole family 

Zonzo Compagnie opens the curtain of a miniature theatre and dives with us into the wonderful world of Henry Purcell’s masques, the musical fantasies that he created for the theatre. While Henry himself watches the spectacle as an air spirit, soprano Julie Calbete opens the gates to the imagination. 

In the highly inventive arrangements, played by lutist Jan Van Outryve and accordionist Anne Niepold, Purcell’s seventeenth-century songs come to life again. We hear echoes of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest, but King Arthur and Queen Mary are also present. Until we are silenced by Hush.  


Zonzo Compagnie
Julie Calbete, soprano
Jan Van Outryve, lute
Anne Niepold, accordion