We share music


For the last few years, Ghent Festival of Flanders has been engaged in making the events and concerts accessible to a wide range of social target groups. Thanks to WE SHARE MUSIC, it is possible for cultural organisations to take measures that lower the threshold with the aim of increasing accessibility to everyone.

In the We Share Music Week from 10 to 14 October 2018 and from 2 to 6 March 2018 we shall for the fourth year in succession be presenting concerts in a variety of hospitals and residential care centres, especially for those for whom it is hard to get to our concert venues themselves. 

Some realisations from our We Share Music programme:

  • Blind date: We offer people with a visual impairment a broad range of supportive measures to make every concert visit as accessible as possible. Those who take part in our ‘blind dates’ can rely on free assistance, transport to and from the concert, programmes in Braille and a substantial discount.
    Contact: wesharemusic@festival.be

Studio Story
In October, Ghent Festival of Flanders is launching a brand new project for children: Studio Story. For a whole school year, children of between 6 and 10 from disadvantaged groups will be given the opportunity to discover the wondrous world of music. Studio Story starts up in October, providing a creative lab where children are given a playful immersion in music and culture. The young participants can sing, improvise, dance or make music in an informal atmosphere and without inhibition. They will also regularly go off into the city accompanied by a guide: looking behind the wings of a mysterious opera or sitting in the front row during an orchestral rehearsal. But their participation will not all be passive: by letting them experiment and make their own discoveries, Studio Story will seek out the performing artist inside every child.