◉ Sound of Ghent ◉ Beethoven Symphony no. 1 with soloists from B'Rock Orchestra


It will not be possible to fill a stage with 80 musicians performing together on strings and wind instruments just yet. But never fear! We have invited all the large Belgian orchestras to perform their core repertoire at the Festival with an adapted line-up. In this anniversary year, no fewer than all nine symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven are on the programme.

Beethoven’s first symphony still has one foot firmly planted in the eighteenth-century rhetorical tradition. It is thus a perfect fit for B’Rock, which has already been wowing international audiences for fifteen years with music from Monteverdi to Haydn.

In a musical sense, Beethoven’s first symphony is an end point for them. They play the arrangement by Beethoven’s contemporary Carl Friedrich Ebers. He fashioned it into a nonet, but if desired the bass part can be played by both cello and double bass, so that there are ultimately ten musicians on stage. 


With the platform Sound of Ghent, a number of Ghent culture houses are joining forces to create a varied online concert programme. Under the motto 'live from your living room’ we’re offering you the opportunity to stream the best live concert with the best picture and sound quality for a low price, in an entirely coronavirus-proof way!

◉ This concert was recorded on 26 September 2020 in Oude Vismijn in Ghent. The broadcast will be streamed on 6 December  via and will be available for 48 hours.◉



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Programma details

Ludwig van Beethoven - Sextet in E flat Major

Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony no. 1 in C Major (arr. C.F. Ebers for nonet)


Jakob Lehmann, violin

Jivka Kaltcheva, violin

Raquel Massadas, viola

Manuela Bucher, viola

Benjamin Glorieux, cello

Tom Devaere, double bass

Nicola Boud, clarinet

Geert Baeckelandt, clarinet

Jeroen Billiet, horn

Mark De Merlier, horn