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Southern rhythms in the heart of Ghent

The gentle melancholy of a fado singer with a guitar enthrals you. You sip your port, delicious petiscos within easy reach. You’re in good company, surrounded by kindred spirits who share your love of music. Now close your eyes and you’re transported to sultry Lisbon—you find yourself in one of the many traditional bars of the Alfama quarter, the birthplace of fado. Here, unwinding and mingling with the locals, is the perfect holiday destination. But what if we told you there’s no need to fly south for exactly this experience?

During Méditerra-Nuit, Flanders Festival Ghent will quite simply be bringing the cream of Mediterranean music to Ghent. With Portuguese fado, Spanish flamenco along with a smattering of Sardinian and Greek music, you’ll instantly be catapulted back to your last trip south.

A few years ago, the great fadista Marco Rodrigues raised the roof at NTGent during the Flanders Festival Ghent, and this year we have been lucky enough to secure him once more. Together with a whole host of other musicians, he’ll be kicking of our southern festivities!

Practical details

During Méditerra-Nuit you can choose two different concerts that will be staged at the Opera Gent, Minard Theatre and the Old Fish Market. Throughout the evening, you can visit a selection of bars where you can enjoy more fabulous southern music!

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Flamboyant Flamenco with Luisa Palicio

Opera Ghent | 18:30 & 20:00

After two sell-out performances at the Floraliënhal last year, there was no question that flamenco should also play a role in the 2019 festival. As one of the most talented and best-loved flamenco dancers of her generation, Luisa Palicio was named Artista Revelación at the Seville Biennale. She will enchant you with her extraordinary elegance and the graceful movements of her bata de cola, the typical Flamenco dress with its fitted train. Get ready for her penetrating gaze, poise, and rhythmically stamping feet: hold on tight for a performance whose sensuality simply sizzles on the stage!


O’Fado with Marco Rodrigues

Old Fish Market | 18:30  & Opera Ghent | 22:15

Marco Rodrigues lives and breathes fado. He is Portugal’s leading fado star, and apart from the big concert stages, you’ll also find him performing in authentic Lisbon bars. He will soon be swapping his southern birthplace for sultry Ghent during Méditerra-Nuit. He will overload you with his passionate voice and sense of drama. All who hear him are certain to be hooked!


Authentic Sardinia with Elena Ledda

Oude Vismijn | 21:00 & 22:15

Elena Ledda, easily Sardinia’s most successful female singer, combines her island’s unique musical tradition with contemporary instruments and jazz influences. With her pure voice and an intense programme, she’ll immerse you in the emotions of her resonant religious heritage. Let yourself be seduced by her unique sound!



Greek magic with Papadopoulou

Minard | 19:30 & 20:45

Together with three musicians and a dancer, Katerina Papadopoulou—one of Greece’s most phenomenal singers—brings to life the passionate soul of traditional song with her own contemporary panache. With her unrivalled expressiveness and intensity, she will immediately transport you to a Greece of both the past and the present!

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Marco Rodrigues, vocals and fado viola

            Frederico Gato, fado viola

            João Domingos, Portuguese guitar

            Pedro Viana, bass guitar

Luisa Palicio, dance

            Fernando Jiménez, dance

            Jesus Rodriguez, guitar

            Vicente Gelo, vocals

            Manuel Romero, vocals

 Elena Ledda, vocals

            Simonetta Soro, vocals

            Mauro Palmas, lute, mandola

            Marcello Peghin, guitar

            Silvano Lobina, bass guitar

Katerina Papadopoulou, vocals

            Kyriakos Tapakis, oud, laud

            Georgios Kontogiannis, lyre, percussion

            Stefanos Dormparakis, qanun, vocals

            Chariton Charitonidis, dance