Opera Ghent, MIRY Concert Hall


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Bring the kids to OdeGand

During KidsOdeGand, you’ll discover the beautiful Cinderella and the exciting musical version of Frankenstein! 

Cinderella (5+)

2 pm or 4.30 pm
Opera Ghent

Cinderella immerses you in a magical and moving story. The children’s dance company De Stilte, piano duo Mephisto and an inspiring actress transport you into the enchanting world of a shy girl searching for love and happiness. But how does the story go again? That is something that the children get to decide themselves!

Frankenstein (5+) 

2 pm or 4.30 pm
MIRY Concert Hall

With Frankenstein, the Viennese composer H.K. Gruber wrote eccentric music to amusing nursery rhymes populated by superheroes and monsters. SPECTRA, the Ghent-based ensemble for new music, brings this rich fantasy world to life. For young and old!