European Chamber Music Academy

The conservatory of Ghent

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Hungry young performers playing music of the ages

Have you ever wondered what happens when promising young musicians meet their idols? For the third year in a row, Flanders Festival Ghent, Music Centre De Bijloke and School of Arts are hosting the European Chamber Music Academy, an international training programme in which exceptionally talented musicians are prepared for the big concert stage. We are proud that this prestigious programme, which has a widespread presence in numerous European countries, is getting a permanent place in Ghent.

The cream of European virtuosos, who have risen to the top following a strict selection process, are coached during a three-day masterclass by members of leading global ensembles such as the Alban Berg Quartett with Hatto Beyerle, and the Talich Quartet. The doors of this masterclass are literally thrown open, meaning that for once, you can witness how the skills of a talented performer are steadily refined until they achieve perfection. Anyone curious to see the end result of this process is welcome to come to the closing concert, The Generation Project, on Friday 20 September, where the students will take their places alongside their masters.


Trio Hélios

Kruppa Quartet

Marc Aurel Quartett

Jan Talich, violin

Petr Prause, cello

Marianna Shirinyan, piano

Hatto Beyerle, altviool