City of Ear

City centre of Ghent

Tickets not available

City of Ear - Free of charge
At 2:00 & 4:00 PM

Unique choir creation with Joris Blanckaert & 20 East Flemish choirs

OdeGand aims for a singing city

As a thundering finale to Flanders Festival Ghent on Sunday 15 September, we will be presenting the brand-new City of Ear performed with composer Joris Blanckaert. City of Ear will be raising the issue of acoustic ecology in one of the world’s noisiest eras. We have more and more difficulty in hearing the sounds around us that really matter and that spark communication. With this event, ‘The Voice’ will (re)gain its place in the city.

City of Ear is a soundscape for the city. Overall, hundreds of voices will be sounding out from every corner of the city centre. Walking between the 33 choirs will be a unique experience as the constantly changing music interacts with the sounds of the city. Come and enjoy witnessing ‘The Voice’ prevail in Ghent!