Support young musicians!


Flanders Festival Ghent is a story of celebrated stars sharing a stage with emerging talent. We bring the big, international names to Ghent, whilst also introducing you to the new generation of musicians that you absolutely have to discover. This has always been part of our DNA. 

Sadly, Covid-19 means that musicians who are just starting out, or who have recently graduated, are not getting the opportunities to perform that they deserve and so desperately need. We are concerned that they will miss out on the start of their careers, and that all this promising talent will slip through our fingers. 

We would like to issue a warm appeal on their behalf: if you purchase a concert ticket for a Festival concert and are able to contribute a little bit more, opt to donate an additional sum as a gift! Donations can be made starting from €10. Thanks to your financial contribution, we can offer these young musicians a platform within our We Share Music projects, in which they can prove themselves as budding, promising artists. Every penny of your contribution will be used to support concerts featuring young musicians.  

Our heartfelt thanks! 

Veerle Simoens, Director
and the entire Flanders Festival Ghent team