Succesful tenth edition of the Flanders Informal Summit

The Flanders Informal Summit (19 November 2018)

For the tenth year in succession, The Flanders Informal Summit brought together leading figures from the academic, technological, economic and cultural worlds for an informal gathering where culture and enterprise go hand in hand. Ten prominent organisations together invited more than 700 decision-makers from the Belgian and international communities. It is no coincidence that this meeting took place in Ghent, a city that remains a magnet for so many talented, young and creative entrepreneurs.

The Flanders Informal Summit focused on ‘Power, Leadership and Responsibility’, in connection with the artistic theme ‘Power’ of the Flanders Festival Ghent 2018. Together with a duo of inspiring speakers—Johan Thijs (CEO, KBC) and Martine Reynaers (CEO, Reynaers Aluminium)—Geert Bourgeois, Minister-President of the Flemish Government, reflected on what leadership and responsibility means in the future.

Flanders Festival Ghent provided a musical backdrop, with the warm voice of the Portuguese singer Magda Mendes and effervescent world music from Nadine Nix and her band. 

Enjoy looking back at the successful tenth edition with the photos below.