Count Down with us

Dear Festival friend,

We have all had an insight into the power of music in recent weeks. We have been enjoying pop-up balcony serenades and concerts streamed from all over the world.
Indeed, music has the power to help us forget these exceptional times for a while. Music can conjure up emotions, entrance us, move us and connect us—now more than ever.

Over the past few weeks, Flanders Festival Ghent has been working on and refining plans that allow for all possible contingencies, because although the festival may still be four months away, it is impossible to avoid the likelihood that bringing people together will still be a challenge in September.

In the circumstances we are delighted to be able to inform you that this year we have opted for a modified edition of the festival in which our aim is to focus on whatever is possible given the measures that apply at the time.
More than ever, Flanders Festival Ghent will play to our strengths and we will be showing off our glorious city in a different way.
It will be a festival on a human scale, with an abundance of creativity from artists, the public and our own team too.

Over the coming weeks and months, the festival will gradually take shape and we are very keen to make you a part of our story.
Naturally our highest priority is—as ever—to connect people with music and with one another safely. As long as Covid-19 is present in Belgium, we will implement all applicable precautionary measures and offer our audiences, artists and staff a safe experience.

We will meet our unusual challenges with enthusiasm, flexibility and determination, as you would expect from us. One thing is certain: doing nothing is not an option. We cannot and will not do without live music!

Take care, stay healthy and count down with us!
The Flanders Festival Ghent Team