The Soldier’s Tale (7+)

Bijloke Music Centre


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Kids! It’s Up to You! 

Igor Stravinsky thought that you not only had to hear music, but see it too, and he wrote a delightful fairy-tale to music. Once upon a time there was a soldier who went on a long journey on his way back home. One day he sold his violin to someone who gave him a book in exchange. The book told him how to make oneself immensely rich. What an amazing deal! But… who was it who sold the book to him? And what is the real price the soldier will have to pay? 

Stravinsky combined popular music such as ragtime and tango with classical music. Seven soloists from CASCO Phil bring a varied collection of instruments with them: violin, double bass, flute, bassoon, trumpet, trombone and percussion—and of course the conductor, and a storyteller! Kurt Van Eeghem puts on his theatre hat and brings the devil, the soldier and the narrator to life. A splendid production for every member of the family! 

Thanks to North Sea Port and the National Lottery


Igor Strawinsky, The Soldier’s Tale



Benjamin Haemhouts, conductor
Kurt Van Eeghem, narrator