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Paul Van Nevel & Huelgas Ensemble: melancholy in Franco-Flemish polyphony 

Paul Van Nevel needs no introduction. This Belgian conductor and musicologist is one of the great pioneers of the early music movement in Europe. Together with his now world-renowned Huelgas Ensemble, he remains an international leader in the historical performance of music from the 12th to the 16th century. Van Nevel would not be Van Nevel if he did not occasionally put forward a new theory. In his ‘Landscape of the Polyphonists’, he demonstrates that the 16th century Franco-Flemish polyphonists were influenced by the rural landscapes in which they grew up. He suggests that the melancholy tone of their musical work comes directly from the rolling landscapes of their childhood. A specially selected anthology of the Franco-Flemish polyphonic repertoire—with work by Ockeghem, des Prez and others—flows towards you beneath projections of landscape photos by Luk Van Eeckhout. 

Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the picturesque melancholy that more than ever are brought to life by these twelve voices! 

In co-production with School of Arts & MIRY Concert Hall 

©Luk Van Eeckhout
©Guy Verstraete


Works by Antoine Busnois, Nicolas Gombert, François Dulot, Nicolle des
Celliers de Hesdin, Jean Mouton, Thomas Crecquillon and other Franco-Flemish composers.


Huelgas Ensembles
Paul van Nevel, conductor

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