The Chest Brothers (4+)

Bijloke Music Centre


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Kids! It’s Up to You! 

Once upon a time there were four brothers called Chest. No one knew whether they were called that because they lived in a chest, or whether they lived in a chest because that’s what they were called. They each had their own name, of course: Oldest, Youngest, Middlemost and Dumbest. And they had Big Drum, just as other people had a dog or a canary. One night they left in search of happiness, taking Big Drum with them. 

The Chest Brothers is a thrilling performance with stirring percussion, acrobatics and lots of humour, played by Percossa of Amsterdam. They use whatever is to hand as an instrument, whether movable or nailed down! They play in every possible rhythm, and will put you on the edge of your seat, swinging you from one emotion to another. It’s impossible to sit still! 

Thanks to North Sea Port and the National Lottery

©Ronald Knapp




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