The Blind

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Music theatre by Collegium Vocale Ghent & LOD 

With The Blind, we see a collection of Belgium’s most talented performers on stage. On the one hand, Collegium Vocale Ghent—the ground-breaking chorus created by Philippe Herreweghe—and on the other Josse De Pauw, born for the theatre and currently injecting his inspiration into the LOD music theatre company in Ghent. De Pauw directed and also acts in his latest production, The Blind, while the singers from the renowned chorus both sing and act. 

De Pauw took his script from the play of the same name by Maurice Maeterlinck, the only Belgian ever to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. The composer Jan Kuiken wrote a truly bewitching soundtrack that seamlessly links word and action. With their powerful imagery, De Pauw and Kuijken tell the story of a group of disoriented blind men who pin their hopes on a sighted leader. 

Maeterlinck’s words are most intriguing: ‘The leader, the guide… can he see or does he go around with his eyes shut? And the audience, those who come to watch… can they see? 

©Foto: Jonas Lampens


The Blind 


Josse De Pauw concept & direction
Jan Kuijken, composition
Josse De Pauw, Gorges Ocloo, Taka Shamoto, actors
Maurice Maeterlinck, text
Collegium vocale Gent, musical execution
Lod and Theaterproductiehuis ZEELANDIA, production