Night of the Imagination

Floraliënhal, MSK, S.M.A.K., Plantentuin


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A haven for art

Let Flanders Festival Ghent set you free with The Night of the Imagination, the latest addition to the Festival family. Starting with the firm conviction that it is free spirits who liberate us from compartmentalised thinking, predictable paths and the paralysing effects of convenience, Flanders Festival Ghent will be giving free rein to The Imagination on the evening and night of 4 October. The Citadel Site will become a haven for ideas and creativity. A veritable Valhalla for all art forms with an open perspective on the here & now. Anything goes: an installation, a performance—or even an installation performance—music, literature, poetry, dance and film… Step into this new, uncharted world and let your imagination run wild. Shake of the shackles and join us at The Night of the Imagination!

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