KidsOdeGand: Stekeblind (3+)



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STEKEBLIND 3+ (Performance at 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00)
It all starts with a letter.
From Hedgehog to Mole.
Saying he wants to be with her.
To chat together.
To drink tea by the window together.
To look outside together.
To count sheep together and... sleep together?
Stekeblind (totally blind) is a love story.
Stekeblind is Romeo and Juliet for toddlers, with wonderful music performed by a live string quartet.

In Bijloke Music Centre there is a secure area to park your pram or buggy. 
There is a variety of food on offer for babies and toddlers. 
Microwave ovens are available for use. 
The toilets are equipped with a changing table. 
There is, however, no crèche for children.


Authors: Raf Walschaerts and Frans Van der Aa
Actors: Femke Platteau and Freek De Craecker
Director: Frans van der Aa
Music: Peter Spaepen
Musicians: Opus4 String quartet
Scenery: Geert Hautekiet
Animation: Fran Van Gysegem
Based on an idea by Ariane Sonck
A 4Hoog production