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HEMEL 6+ (performance at 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00)
Take an apple, a pipe and a bowler hat… And you have René Magritte!
He descends from heaven and wanders around in his own enigmatic paintings. But is he welcome in every painting? And what about the tuba that suddenly starts playing?
In this wordless puppet show, Luk De Bruyker takes you on a journey round the artworks of René Magritte. It is a surrealist universe, a world in which anything goes and nothing is what it seems, and where the tuba gets the solo…


In Bijloke Music Centre there is a secure area to park your pram or buggy. 
There is a variety of food on offer for babies and toddlers. 
Microwave ovens are available for use. 
The toilets are equipped with a changing table. 
There is, however, no crèche for children.


Puppets: Luk De Bruyker & Alain Ongenaet
Music: Bernd van Echelpoel & Jean Xhonneux
Scenario: Luk De Bruyker & Willem Verheyden
Director: Willem Verheyden
Sound decor: Bart Beys
Set: Wim van De Vyver & Alain Ongenaet
A production by I Solisti del Vento