KidsOdeGand: Glimp (2-4 years)





GLIMP 2-4 (Performance at 14:00 and 16:00)
What does colour sound like? Does anybody understand what the moon is saying? What does the sun say? Which one sounds lower, a bass or a drum? How many colours does a dream have? Glimp takes you on a journey to a magical dream world, where jazzy sounds of percussion and bass play an exciting game with colourful images and interplay with you. A musical performance for toddlers and their parents (and/or grandparents) where special friendships are formed between music, image, technology, musicians and the audience. 


In Bijloke Music Centre there is a secure area to park your pram or buggy. 
There is a variety of food on offer for babies and toddlers. 
Microwave ovens are available for use. 
The toilets are equipped with a changing table. 
There is, however, no crèche for children.


Song/illustrations: Lotte van Dijck
Double bass/violone/compositions: Tony Overwater
Percussion/compositions: Rob Kloet
Director: Bram de Goeij
Set design: Merijn Schilte
Costumes: Atty Kingma
Software: Machiel Veltkamp/Maplab
Technology: Remko Smids
Lighting: Koos de Vries
Technical assistance: Paul Zwarenstein
An OORKAAN production