Great city festival: OdeGand

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Ghent city centre will resound with over 60 concerts for a spectacular festival of music. On the idyllic banks of the River Lys, down winding alleyways and in hidden corners you will find countless acts throughout the day. Numerous musical genres ranging from world music to pure classical are sure to delight the keenest ears listening out for something new. 

One hundred and eighty internationally renowned performers will fill the city, guaranteeing concerts of the highest quality. You can go from one concert to the next on foot, by taxi-bike or by boat. Boundless enjoyment all day long is assured—and especially in the evening, when the Graslei and Korenlei will be lit up with a concert on the water and a unique lightshow and fireworks. 

OdeGand programme:

  • 13:30 - 18:15: Concerts at various locations in Ghent city centre
  • 21:00: Magical closing programme/spectacular on the water at Graslei and Korenlei
  • 23:00: Grand firework display

The musical programme will be online from mid-august. 

Be sure not to miss anything with these top tips!

  • Make a note of Saturday 15 September in your diary 
  • Tickets will be in great demand, so don’t delay your booking! 
  • When you arrive at OdeGand, mark out your route on the OdeGand Plan 
  • Then, immerse yourself completely in the lively atmosphere and wonderful music 
  • Take a seat for a meal at one of the festival restaurants 
  • Stroll at your own tempo, and when you’ve walked enough, take a taxi-bike or boat 
  • Sample the atmosphere of the many outdoor venues 
  • Tag all the memories you make, frame and share with @gentfestival on Instagram and Facebook 
  • Don’t forget to bring an extra jumper or jacket for the closing night-time spectacular 
  • Give your ears and eyes a treat at the closing show and light & firework spectacle on the Graslei and Korenlei 
  • Tell your friends, neighbours, acquaintances and colleagues about these festivities, because OdeGand is for everyone! 

In cooperation with North Sea Port, National Lottery, De Gentenaar and KBC

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