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The European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) offers an advanced course for chamber music ensembles, in the setting of leading European festivals, universities and conservatoires. A multitude of renowned teachers (including members of the Artis Quartet, Ysaÿe Quartet, Fauré Quartet, Florestan Trio and many other famous names) works intensively with young ensembles to give them new artistic impulses after their music degree and to immerse them in the world of chamber music. The ECMA course runs for several years and students are strictly selected.

The Ghent Festival is delighted to give this exceptional European network a place in Belgium as well. Together with the De Bijloke Music Centre and the School of Arts, the Ghent Festival will host the ECMA in the second week of September.
For five days, musicians from the world of chamber music will take a few young ensembles under their wings. In Bijloke Music Centre you can walk in and out of the master-classes and enjoy them at your leisure. 


Ook op de masterclasses met toonaangevende docenten doorheen de week bent u van harte welkom! 

Ze zijn open voor publiek, en beloven een warme, boeiende blik achter de schermen van het leven van de jonge kamermuziekgroepen.

Hieronder vind je alle informatie:

You are also welcome throughout the week at the master classes with leading teachers!

They are open to the public and promise a warm, engaging look behind the scenes of the life of the young chamber music.

Below you will find all the information:

Tuesday, September 12th - Bijloke, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2 
14:30 tot 17:30

Tutors: J. Meissl, C. Richter en A. Kouyoumdjian

Wednessday, September 13th - Bijloke, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2 
9:30 tot 12:30
14:00 tot 17:00

Tutors: J. Meissl, C. Richter en A. Kouyoumdjian

Thursday, September 14th - Bijloke, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2 
9:30 tot 12:30
14:00 tot 15:30
20:00 concert - Free entrance for Clubmembers

Tutors: J. Meissl, C. Richter en A. Kouyoumdjian

Friday, September 15th - Conservatorium, Hoogpoort 64
9:30 tot 12:30
14:00 tot 15:30
16:00 - 18:00 special open class with Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartett)

Tutors: J. Meissl, C. Richter, A. Kouyoumdjian & H. Beyerle

A co-production with Bijloke Music Centre and Hogeschool Gent–School of Arts


Discover tomorrow’s chamber music ensembles during a concert in the Kraakhuis at Bijloke Music Centre at 20:00 on Thursday 14 September.



Avedis Kouyoumdjian, Vienna/Brussels (piano)
Johannes Meissl, Vienna (violin)
Christoph Richter, Essen/London (cello)

Participating Ensembles

Boccherini Trio, ECMA / string trio
Simply Quartet, ECMA / string quartet
Stratos Piano Quartet, ECMA / piano quartet
Trio Metral, ECMA / piano trio Quartetto Delfico /string quartet