Don Carlos: Corridors of Power

Floralies Hall

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Verdi's opera revisited

The Landesjugendorchester Nordrhein-Westfalen—that’s quite a mouthful for an impressive orchestra full of great up-and-coming talent. But for all that, they have already performed in some of the world’s biggest concert halls. 

For the Ghent Festival they are presenting a production based on Verdi’s spectacular opera Don Carlos, and are bringing a whole string of singers and extras with them. With the infectious delight they take in performing, they immerse you in this chronicle of love, politics and power set against the backdrop of the 16th century Spanish empire. 

The Landesjugendorchester gives the story a contemporary look, with a keen eye for challenging concert formats and innovative musical renditions. The direction makes reference to several current topics relevant to us and the orchestra adopts anything but a static form. 

Opera in its most contemporary guise, in the spectacular setting of the Floralies Hall!

A concert of ArcelorMittal

©Fredeburg 2016



Giuseppe Verdi
Don Carlos


Landesjugendorchester Nordrhein-Westfalen
Sebastian Tewinkel
, conductor
Bernd Schmitt, director