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Ghent Flanders Festival 2018 is going to be a knockout! From 15 September to 6 October we will be on an intriguing musical journey, with our course set by the theme of Power (Macht, as the Dutch say). The Festival offers a varied, tempting, and surprising programme. Unadulterated classical music will be to the fore, but we will also explore the boundaries of this genre. We are joined on our groundbreaking travels by major local and international stars such as the living legend Ton Koopman, the fiery violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja, the monumental Josse De Pauw, the rising star of the piano Jan Lisiecki, and the thrilling Antonio Andrade Flamenco Ballet.

Explaining this year’s theme, the Festival’s Director Veerle Simoens, says: “Via music, we want to explore and analyse Power in all its aspects. How are artists manipulated in their thinking and creative work? And how are we, in turn, influenced by this in the concert hall? Let’s figure out when power becomes might; when power seduces or dazzles; when it flirts with genius or degenerates into abuse; when it causes or permits suffering, when it controls, and when it stimulates heroism. You are welcome to join us on this fascinating journey!”

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