The aim of Flanders Festival Ghent is to make its concerts and events accessible to everyone. Thanks to the support of our Festival Club we succeed in this aim year upon year. With the help of your membership we can create unforgettable projects for children, disadvantaged groups, the elderly and differently abled people as part of We Share Music. With you as a member of our Festival Club, we can go one step further!

Hooray, the Festival Club has been upgraded! 

We now have three kinds of membership: Festival Fan, Festival Friend and Honorary Member. You can choose the one that suits you best. Take a look below to see all the benefits at a glance. Your membership fee is invested entirely in projects that allow various social groups to enjoy music.

Would you like to join our Festival Club this year?
If so, enrol using the form at the bottom of this page. 

For more info about the Festival Club, please contact Marlou Browaeys: 
09 243 94 82 of club@festival.be.

Many thanks to our Festival Club members for their support!

Dhr. Frank Beke, Walter & Flavia Claes, Dhr. & Mevr. De Lembre - Strobbe, Debbaut-Maertens Patrick & Hanna, Dhr. Deman Pol - Mevr. De Roo Lieve, Dhr. Werner Fouquaert - Mevr. Lutgart van den Broeck, Bart & Marijke François-Mortier, Eric & Sabine Germonpré-Castro, Dhr. Hemelsoet B. - Mevr. Van Brakel R., Mevr. Marina Hoornaert, Dhr. Frank & Mevr. Roxane Hublé-De Bodt, Dhr. Freek Janssens, Dhr. Lahaut Roger, Mevr. Vera Lambersy, Carlos & Kathleen Goethals-Mattens, Dhr. & Mevr. Moens-Wildero, Inge en Adrien Roberti-Huys, Germain en Linda Van Beversluys - Minjauw, Van Hoorebeke-De Walsche, Joris & Alice Hoozee - Verfaillie, Remi Vermeiren - Katrien Coessens, Dhr. Verstichel Willy, Vormezeele - Adens, Mevr. Seraphina De Bie, Dhr. Johny Bral, Dhr. Guy Dierkens, Mevr. Francine Vander Linden, Mevr. Hilde De Sutter, Dhr. Luc Steyaert, Dhr. & Mevr. Hooyberghs - Vercammen, Mevr. Sabine Bassleer, Dhr. De Ruyver Hugo, Karin & Xavier Donck - Filliers, Paul & Lieve Drieghe-Willems, Dhr. & Mevr. André & Françoise Berkvens, Mevr. Gudrun Heymans, Mevr. Elsje Ver Kempinck, Mevr. Lut De Man, Dhr. Luc Vlassak, Dhr. Daniel Dorsimont, Dhr. en Mevr. De Keyser- Thienpondt, Dhr. en Mevr. Deweerdt-Quin, Mevr. Maenhaut Martine, Mevr. Agnes Pauwels, Mevr. Isabelle Santens

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